European Voluntary Service – Climate for change!

Project “Climate for change!” under the umbrella of Europan Voluntary Service was based on long term volunteering (12 months)

In this project, we were searching for motivated young individuals, who cared about the topics of environment, climate change, human rights and discrimination. We were looking forward to meeting people who were eager to try themselves in non-formal education, art and ecology, and who were ready to make some changes. As a result, we selected and hosted 10 volunteers from Albania, France, Georgia, Turkey and Ukraine.

In the course of 12 months, our volunteers were taking part in FER’s educational, social and cultural activities (creating and supporting open classes, meetings, workshops, events, etc.). They were assisting in daily office work at the Foundation, as well as supporting our partners to run their programs (environmental, cultural and educational projects, integrative tolerance workshops, environmental campaigns, and many others).

Three main fields of the volunteers’ activities were:

  • Education & Social Activity – ecological education, promotion of intercultural dialogue, social integration.
  • Culture & Animation – activities to support the artistic expression of children and youth, providing an opportunity to integrate into society and to spend free time in an attractive way, to promote culture diversity and to combat stereotypes.
  • Nature & Infrastructure – promotion of sustainable development, environmental monitoring, activities aimed to increase the environmental awareness of children and youth.

The methods of the above-mentioned activities were based mostly on non-formal education and were divided into:

  • Group  projects
  • Individual projects
  • Social Actions

More details about our volunteers’ activities on  faceboook EVS/ESC EkoCentrum    and  Instagram EVS/ESC EkoCentrum

Osoba kontaktowa:
Agata Mazurkiewicz,
Termin realizacji:
September 2018 - February 2020

Climate for change project under the umbrella of European Voluntary Service was a part of Erasmus + program financed by the European Union.