“JesteśMY: Homo narrans.” – final performance


“JesteśMY. Homo Narrans” theatrical performance is the result of an educational-artistic project, which created a possibility for young people to meet and discuss important topics related to identity, tolerance, belonging, alienation and mechanism of stereotypes, prejudices, and discrimination.

„Building a community is a never-ending story, and its first chapter is the journey to the depth of self identity.” According to Carl Gustav Jung, “Anything that irritates us in others can lead us to understand ourselves. As we understand ourselves better, we are opening to others. In our common home appears the chance for so very needed dialogue”.

Through several weeks participants from across the world (Albania, Georgia, Iran, Colombia, Mexico, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, Italy), and different ages (from children to adults) were meeting every Thursday in EkoCentrum to share experiences, insights and ideas. A result of the weekly meetings is the spectacle that tells the story of some town and its citizens. A town which is one of a kind, but at the same time it’s just like thousands of other towns. Inhabited by unusual people but simultaneously same as us.

We invite you to listen to their stories. Stories that happen around us but we seem to not see them.

The performance is in Polish and English language


Places and dates:

4/12/2019, Wednesday, 10:00am & 12:00pm
Closed performances for schools

FAMA Centrum Biblioteczno-Kulturalne   Krzywoustego 286 st.


14/12/2019, Saturday, 3:30pm  & 6:00pm
15/12/2019, Sunday, 5:00pm

Grotowski Institute,  Studio Na Grobli, Na Grobli 30/32 st.


Free admission, prior reservation required: a.mazurkiewicz@fer.org.pl, 71 343 60 35

Participants: Radogost Borowski, Klea Bregu, Samuel Daza Silva, Laura Sofia Daza Silva, Svetlana Demurchev, Romina Ghasemizadeh, Kacper Kruk , Julia Mielcarek, Zosia Mielcarek, Amir Naghavi, Parsa Nazeri, Mateusz Ostajewski, Marharyta Pankiv, Marta Piekarska, Linda Romy Hueetlin, Hazal Elif Sari, Joaquin Snefru, Agata Tarasewicz, Bruno Warchałowski, Kamil Wasiela.
Production team: Żytomir Borowski, Emin Koyuncuoglu, Maciej Mądry, Serafina Milushi, Matin Nikookar, Artur Nitribitt, Sara Ramezani, Sofia Russo, Farshad Fozouni, Anousheh Salmanpour.

Workshops runner: Roxana Mehrafzoun, Agata Mazurkiewiecz, Aneta Osuch, Arkadiusz Wierzba

Project with the participation of EVS volunteers from Erasmus+ program.

The spectacle is part of the projects “Jeden Świat” TOŻSAMOŚĆ KULTUROWA I DIALOG WARTOŚCIĄ LOKALNEJ WSPÓLNOTY WROCŁAWIAN, co-financed from the funds of Municipality Wroclaw www.wroclaw.pl

Partners: Wrocławskie Centrum Rozwoju Społecznego, Fundacja Ladder Team, Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego, FAMA Centrum Kulturalno-Biblioteczne, Wielokultury Wrocław.