Rhythm of Water – interdisciplinary project for Youth

The musical happening “Rhythm of water” was the result of ecological and artistic workshops which aim was to raise awareness about the importance of water.

We’ve been meeting for months, each Thursday, sharing ideas and information, playing different games to enhance our imagination and social skills. As s a result we’ve gotten closer to each-other, all these while trying to create something to highlight the importance of water in our lives and in the world. Our workshops contained a lot of elements, including dancing and acting, playing games, having serious discussions, and of course staging the final event!

We were few at beginning but our dream was big so we decided to go further.  Week after week we grow more and more and we became multicultural and diverse team.

In the project took part people at different ages (from kids to adults) and from different countries- Albania, Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iran, New Zealand and of course Poland. This helped us promote anti- discrimination topics, and share with each other many interesting things about our countries. The project helped us not only learn deeper about water, but also become really close to each other. We are sure we all will stay friends for life!

Organizers of the “Rhythm of water!” project: Fundacja EkoRozwoju and Ladder Team Foundation

Participants of the workshops: Agnieszka Bińkowska, Bruno Bińkowski, Tomek Borkowicz, Radogost Borowski, Żytomir Borowski, Klea Bregu, Svetlana Demurchev, Maciej Dziwer, Azad Heydarow, Emin Koyuncuoglu, Serafina Milushi, Amir Naghavi, Mateusz Ostajewski, Magdalena Ostajewska, Marharyta Pankiv, Kasper Pawlik , Marta Piekarska, Maciej Roszak, Hazal Sari, Bruno Warchałowski, Kamil Wasiela

Musical workshops and music arrangement: Sam Alty, Emrecan Alptekin
Artisic leader: Roxana Mehrafzoun,

Project coordinator: Agata Mazurkiewicz

The project is organized thanks to the support of the Erasmus + European Union program.