Values and mission

Eco (Greek οκος) means home. We want the idea of ​​sustainable development to be its foundation. We are convinced that caring for our fragile and limited earth resources and the need to meet the biggest challenge in the history of civilization, which is the climate crisis, require connecting people, various scientific disciplines and dispersed areas of social activity.

We want to enjoy the stunning beauty of nature and not lose sight of the needs of all sentient beings, which is why we work to protect nature, the landscape and biodiversity. We plant trees and teach how to care for them. We create pollinator-friendly places, including insect house networks and flower meadows. We monitor the activities of public administration bodies in the area of ​​statutory nature protection. We train officials, teachers and educators. We support local initiatives and help in the sustainable development of valuable natural areas, such as Barycz Valley and Georgian Adjaria, by creating infrastructure projects for sustainable tourism.

Access to food is the right of every human being whose implementation cannot lead to the degradation of the foundations of our existence, which is why we support sustainable forms of agriculture. We organize platforms for cooperation between local farmers and consumers. We promote a balanced plant diet, based on local and seasonal products, because we believe that solutions beneficial to the environment are also beneficial to the health and well-being of all sentient beings.

There is no more valuable and delicate resource in the world than the atmosphere, which is why we are actively working on solutions to improve air quality and counteract the climate crisis, co-creating and supporting the activities of the Lower Silesian Smog Alarm . We participate in the work of local and national teams that create the law to improve air quality and prevent and adapt to climate change. We fight for funds for a just energy transformation and teach residents how to use them.

A key tool in the implementation of our mission is cross-sectional education, integrating dispersed disciplines of knowledge: from natural and ecological education, through global and civic education, to anti-discrimination and intercultural. These areas share a willingness to engage residents in concern for the common good and the urgent need for peaceful intergroup cooperation. The heart of our educational activities is the EkoCentrum Wrocław opened by us in 2013 , a model ecological education center and the current seat of the Foundation.

We carry out our mission not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries – from Portugal to Georgia. We prefer the principle of cooperation instead of competitiveness, which is why we operate side by side with other social and environmental organizations as members of the Polish Green Network and Climate Coalition .

The Eco-Development Foundation has the status of a Public Benefit Organization (OPP), KRS No. 0000178876. The Foundation’s activities are financed from payments and donations as well as external funds, including the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.