Youth Exchange “Once Upon a Tree”


When: 29.07.2023-04.08.2023

Where: Nordhausen (Thuringia-Germany)

For whom: Youth aged 13 to 18 living in Poland and Germany

Exchange theme: Ecology, trees, climate change, intercultural competencies, language skills.

The project “Once Upon a Tree” is a unique youth exchange project that gathered participants from Poland and Germany around a common theme – trees. The main motif of the project was to delve into the role of trees in our ecosystem and understand their invaluable contribution to human life and the natural environment. Over 7 days, participants took part in workshops, creative sessions, and community activities aimed not only at ecological education but also at promoting intercultural dialogue.

Why trees?

There are no plants on Earth more magnificent, and more important for nature and humans, than trees. Trees are essential for human life. Like oxygen. After all, it is thanks to these plants that we can breathe. Trees, through the process of photosynthesis, supply us with oxygen. Forests also play a significant role in filtering water and supplying drinking water. Unfortunately, due to ongoing climate change and other effects of human activity, forests are disappearing from the Earth’s surface, and urban areas are increasingly lacking green infrastructure. Knowing and understanding these extraordinary organisms and their functions is the best way to befriend them, protect them, and care for their well-being. We hope that the project inspired young people to care for and look after nature.

Main Goals of the Project:

  • Ecological Education: A deeper understanding of the significance of trees and their impact on the natural environment. Participants attended workshops on tree protection, sustainable development, and ecological practices to understand better how they can actively contribute to protecting our planet.
  • Intercultural Exchange: Promotion of mutual understanding and respect through cultural exchange. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, culture, and language, which contributed to building intercultural relationships and understanding Europe’s diversity.
  • Skill and Competency Development: The project supported the development of a range of key competencies in participants, including:
    • Ecological Awareness and Action: Gaining knowledge about environmental protection and translating this knowledge into concrete actions.
    • Communication in Foreign Languages: Improving language skills through practical application of language in an international context.
    • Social and Civic Skills: Developing a sense of social responsibility and engagement in local and global issues.
    • Initiative and Entrepreneurship: Encouraging creativity and initiative in solving environmental problems.
    • Learning to Learn: Promoting independent learning and acquiring knowledge about ecology and sustainable development

Funding and Support:

The project was co-financed by the European Union and the Polish-German Youth Cooperation Program.

The project aligns with the European Union’s youth policy objectives, promoting ecological education, active civic participation, and mutual intercultural understanding. By engaging young people in sustainable development activities and supporting their personal and social development, this project contributes to the implementation of the EU’s strategy for youth.

We thank all participants, parents, and partners for their commitment to the realization of the project. Special thanks go to our partner from Germany, Jugend Sozialwerk, for their support and cooperation. We hope that the youth exchange “Once Upon a Tree” will inspire further actions towards ecological education and intercultural exchange, encouraging young people to actively shape a sustainable future.

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