We act. NOW! Open call for long-term volunteers under European Solidarity Corps


Fundacja EkoRozwoju (acronym FER, Foundation for Sustainable Development)  is looking for volunteers who would like to join our European Solidarity Corps project “We act. NOW! “.

Who: 9 volunteers from EU residents, aged 18-30
When: 11 months of volunteering

We are searching for volunteers ready to start their volunteering in June/July/August 2021 at the latest. It means the ending of mobility will be between May/June of 2022 (304-334 days in total )

Where: Wrocław (Poland) See a video about our beautiful city by clicking here


During 11 months, volunteer activities will focus on expanding knowledge of the environment and multiculturalism, engaging local communities, especially kids and youth, strengthening open society and active citizens by cross-sectional education.

Activities covered by volunteers are divided into several thematic categories:

1. CLIMATE: Educational activities on climate change, promotion of strategies taken into account by the European Commission on the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

2. TREES. Activities are focused on bringing attention to the crucial role of trees, especially in the context of climate change.

3. INTERCULTURAL COMMUNITY. Varied activities are focused on solidarity and community building aspect. The main goal is to expand knowledge about different cultures, build intercultural dialog&understanding, to break mental barriers and stereotypes. 

4. RESPOND AND ACT: Activities related to the ecological and responsible lifestyle&citizenship, including conducting workshops on sustainable consumption, Zero Waste, waste segregation, etc.

Types of activities: workshops, training, festivals, backyard events, educational and cultural projects ended with an artistic form of expression (performance, concert, exhibition, happening), public opinion research, outdoor classes, social actions, cleaning outdoor areas, planting trees, and many more.

The volunteers will work in a group and individually.

The volunteers will have the opportunity and space to come up with and implement personal projects and workshops based on their own original idea that will correspond with the foundation’s mission.

Part of the events will happen in a collaboration with our local partners from education associations (such as kindergartens, schools,  clubs), local community clubs, foundations, associations, and cultural institutions.

The volunteers will have the opportunity and space to come up with and implement personal projects and workshops based on their original idea that will correspond with the mission of the Foundation.

Our volunteers will also help support the office with admin duties, management tasks: including conducting correspondence, preparing documents, creating pr campaigns, contacting partners, etc.


Send us on-line application form & attach your cv till 11.07.2021

Link to the application form: https://bit.ly/3nQDKIc

Only selected applicants will be contacted by the project coordinator and invited for a meeting via the Zoom platform.


We are looking for people who:

  • are 18-30 years old
  • are residents  of EU Country
  • have basic environmental knowledge (not denying climate change!)
  • want to make a difference in the world towards sustainable development and an open society
  • are able to work in a team as well as alone
  • have a social mindset, like to work with people (with special regards to kids and youth)
  • seek to be self-aware and empathic
  • are proactive and self-directed (or wanting to develop this skill)
  • motivated to take initiative in leading workshops, organizing events
  •  are responsible
  • photographic/ graphic design/ copywriting/ marketing skills would be an asset


The travel costs will be reimbursed up to a certain amount allocated by the European Commission.

The accommodation will be provided by the hosting organization. Volunteers will live in a shared flat with other volunteers. Possibly sharing a room with one more person/only if the same gender (The accommodation allowance is also possible up to 500 PLN).

Each month the volunteer will get about 120 EUR per month as the pocket money and 450PLN per month as the food allowance. In total monthly, each volunteer will be received around 950 PLN (225EUR).

Health insurance is covered by the program.



We believe that caring for our fragile and limited earth resources calls for a systematic interaction between people, various scientific disciplines, and different areas of social activity. The challenges facing our world because of climate change are the biggest for mankind in the present century. We can still stop the most dramatic effects of the currently distorted climate, and we work towards this common goal in all branches of FER. The main fields of our activities are Climate Crisis, Education, Food Sovereignty, Trees & Biodiversity, Smog, and Development Cooperation.

Read more about the Foundation and fields of our activities here: Brochure about the foundation

One of the important actions for us to take in our approach is to involve young people in the process of social change towards mindful citizenship and sustainability. Since 2014, we have been coordinating long-term volunteering under the umbrella of European Commission programs like Youth in Action, European Voluntary Service, and European Solidarity Corps.

It is exciting to observe the development of young people during their volunteering experience with us!

Read more about previous volunteering project here: https://fer.org.pl/en/evs-climate-for-change-project-is-completed/


Osoba kontaktowa:
Agata Mazurkiewicz a.mazurkiewicz@fer.org.pl
Termin realizacji:

The project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps program.


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