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Are you between 18 and 26 years old? Do you care about the environment and sustainability? Do you live in Germany, France, or Poland? And do you want to become part of a growing cross-border network of young people engaged in the environment?

Then unite efforts with others, get empowered and build your skills – become part of “Let’s not WASTE the planet!” 

Join the second part of the exchange, which will take place in Germany between 19 and 25.09.2022

Send your application by 18.07.2022 available at the link: link to framaforms

In three meetings between May 2022 and April 2023, we will get to know each other and exchange our experiences in fighting for Climate Justice, sustainability, and environmental protection. Together, we will gain new knowledge about socio-ecological challenges in our regions, have hands-on experiences in workshops (e.g. permaculture garden or wood workshop), and raise our voices in creative ways. Questions of waste reduction and the overuse of resources will be of special attention, embedded in broader socio-ecological contexts. Critical exchange with other activists and change-makers will be part of every module and there will be chances for networking and connecting to participants from the first project round.

Part II: 19.-25.09.2022 – Finsterbergen (Thuringia region), DE

During the second part of the youth exchange in Germany, we will focus on creative forms of protest against the climate catastrophe. During our joint meetings, we will reflect on the role of art and artistic action in responding to social change and influencing the system, and on how art can support activism and climate education. Participants will be invited to take part in a creative workshop, during which a mural addressing the ‘climate crisis’ will be created. The final message of the collectively created mural will depend on the participants – on their ingenuity and participation.

This exchange is for  young adults who:

  • are interested in creative activitiess
  • are looking for ways to respond to and counteract climate change
  • are interested in international cooperation and exchange
  • want to spend five days in an international environment and engage in community-based creative work

The working languages will be French, German, ,and English.  Knowledge of these languages and basic English skills will be helpful but are not required in order to participate, as our team will facilitate the communication.

Part III: 24.-30.04.2023 – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, FR

How to participate?

In order to participate, fill out the pre-inscription form under this link to framaforms. Participants will be chosen according to their motivation and in order to create a group as diverse as possible in all regards.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union as well as by the Franco-German Youth Office. Thanks to this support, travel costs within the allowances of the Erasmus+ guidelines are covered. A participation fee of 60 EUR for participants living in France or Germany and 150 PLN for participants living in Poland applies (covering the whole cycle). 

In the context of the current pandemic, any unforeseen developments might lead to modifications of the program, the dates, or the places of our meetings. We are keen on offering you exchange in real life with adequate hygiene and safety measures. However, we  will of course adapt our concept in order to achieve a safe and healthy experience for our participants and our team!

Looking for further information and updates?
Please check the project page on www.kreisau.de here.

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