ECO GUIDE – sustainable places in Wrocław


Eco guide is a map where everyone can find more sustainable places.  Through our different categories, you will find a way to enjoy the city and the Polish culture and take better care of the environment at the same time.



This map was created by Laura, one of our European Solidarity Corps volunteers. The purpose of this project is to share with foreigners places that are more sustainable.

“As a foreigner in Wroclaw, I found it difficult to find places that can help me to have a more sustainable life. It was not just the language barrier but also, that I didn’t find a place that gathered all this information, so it was time-consuming.

That is why I decided to create a map where you can find places from restaurants to secondhand shops that can help especially foreigners living in Wroclaw to have more sustainable options.”



Our categories:

Restaurants: vegetarian and vegan restaurants in different cuisines and prices. The main ones are fully plant based but there are others that offer some of these options.
Why: meat production is considered one of the major causes of climate change. That is why we want to support plant-based meals as we believe is a good alternative.

Second hand: all kinds of secondhand shops. From clothes to furniture.
Why: clothes production is also a big problem for the environment, especially in fast fashion. Thus, we want to give voice to secondhand shops as we believe that circular economy is a really good solution.

Fruits and vegetable shops: we have selected fruits and vegetable shops where you can find seasonal products.
Why: We think that supporting local business is important, instead of buying in big chains supermarkets.


Social initiatives: you are going to find social initiatives to be informed with what they do and be able to help them.
Why: supporting NGO’s and local initiatives is important, as their goals are aligned in making a better world and support people who is in social exclusion.

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