Meet our volunteers

Meet our volunteers taking part in long-term volunteering at the FundacjaEkoRozwoju under the EU program “European Solidarity Corps”. This year we host 9 people from countries such as Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy.



Pedro comes from northwestern Spain. He grew up spending time in nature in the countryside and therefore, after graduation, he decides to act as a volunteer with a mission to protect the environment. He also loves meeting new people and cultures, especially Slavic culture. After coming to Wrocław, he became very interested in helping the local community towards his passion – ecology.






               Juan Jordi 

Juan comes from the eastern part of Spain. He studies international relations and coordinates a YouTube channel called F98. Juan is a participant in environmental movements in his hometown and works against poor air quality and pollution. He believes that we must start taking care of our planet as soon as possible, that is why he came to Poland as a volunteer. One of his passions is getting to know new cultures, he believes that Wrocław is a good place to do so.








Georgy comes from Ukraine. He is studying Genetics and Experimental Biology at the University of Wrocław. The last years of his life he devoted to his passion – biology. Georgy tried to find a way to try to combine his biological knowledge with work useful for society. He believes that the Eco-Development Foundation is exactly that place he was looking for. Georgy is  happy to be involved in work in the field of ecology, gain more knowledge and share it with others.






Adam comes from Hungary. He is currently studying a Master’s Degree in Human Ecology at Eötvös Loránt University. He is interested in renewable energy, permaculture, environmentally friendly agriculture and eco-philosophy. One of his greatest passions is environmental activism. He is also a volunteer and community leader of LGBT movement. Adam wants to share his own experiences in the field of eco-activism and also to acquire new knowledge from Polish professionals.





Yana was born in the northeast of Ukraine. She has recently finished her studies in International Relations. She sees the project at Fundacja EkoRozwoju as a great opportunity to become more eco-friendly and to get to know how the non-governmental sector is functioning from within. Besides, She would like to work in the sphere of human rights and thus Yana wants to explore human rights in the environmental context. 









Laura is from Bigues i Riells, a small town near Barcelona. She studied International Business and Marketing in Barcelona. Laura started to work in marketing, but then she realized that the business world is not actually where she wants to spend the rest of her life. That’s why she decided to came here. One of her passions is sport, Laura love practicing all kind of sports, specially if they happen in the nature.








Gabriel was born in Italy in the smallest region of Italy: Valle d’Aosta that is located in the Italian alps, at the age of 5 his family and him move to Bolivia where he grows up and stayed for 18 years. After, Gabriel move back to Italy and studied Cross-cultural communication at the university of Torino.Gabriel likes Wrocław and the polish culture, he is glad to be a part of this project and to be able to work with Fundacja EkoRozwoju Gabriel wants to educate people about climate change and other related issues.








Filipe is from the North of Portugal. He studied Environmental Sciences and Technology in the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto. After, he ended his studies, he wanted to have a more practical experience where he could use the knowledge he gained in a project that would generate awareness of ecological issues. That’s why he took part in the our project.







Daniel is from Georgia, from a little town named Tkibuli.He is a second year Sociology student in Tbilisi State University. Daniel  chose this project because it’s connected with his profession, and he really loves to meet new people and culture all around the world. Wrocław helps him to have more practical experience and deepen knowledge which I can share with people around him.