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23 listopada 2011
Main projects

mala fotka

Roads for the Nature

Partnership of NGO and administration to recreate wayside valleys as habitat of protected species. Realized since 2007 up to now. The project is to create sample social partnerships for protection and recreation of wayside foliage and trees in the western Poland. The mechanism of wayside trees protection created by Polish and German partners is later on passed to cooperating organizations from the Valley of Barycz, Median Odra, Warta Estuary and other regions. Methodology of stocktaking and valorization of foliage have been elaborated and tested in order to protect and recreate foliage. It is to be disseminated further on. There is an ongoing media campaign one of which important elements will be planting trees along roads leading to one of the border crosses in the northern part of the Polish – German border. The slogan accompanying this action is “Valleys instead of borders.”

Ecological Fairs
Ecological Fairs are a non commercial event promoting a sustainable way of life as well as local enterprise based on local products and eco friendly tourism. Ecological fairs have been taking place in Wroclaw periodically since 2001, twice a year (spring and autumn). Local producers, eco farmers, craftsmen, folk artists and all kinds of organizations which actively participate in preservation of local cultural heritage, sustainable development or ecological education are especially encouraged to take part in our fairs. The biggest advantage of eco fairs is the possibility to educate consumers, potential recipients of local products both ecological and traditional. Each next edition is enriched with educational-informative elements, workshops, eco competitions organized in tight cooperation with our partners. Since 2001- up to now, two edition each year.
Eco-Centre Wroclaw Project
The idea of the project is to create a sample centre of ecological education for the inhabitants of Wroclaw and Low Silesia region. Eco-Centre Wroclaw will have its place in the historic workshop building in Sw.Wincenty 26 A, located in the inside between tenement houses situated among Sw.Wincenty, Chrobrego, Jagiellonczyka and Rydygiera street. Buildings projected for renovation are located in the area subjected to revitalization within the frame of “Revitalization of former trading route” project. Realized on commission of European Union resources within the frame of URBACT II programme.
Eco-educational programme:
Educational programme EkoCentrum Wroclaw shall be based on eco-educational programmes which have been used by EDF for several years (in cooperation with affiliated eco organizations). EkoCentrum Wroclaw will lead several activities in the following areas:
  • Natural package (including programmes such as: “Nature in the city”, “Nature of river valleys”, “Terrain natural education”
  • Eco-development package (including programmes “Disposal – 3R brigade”, “Game for water”, “For the climate”, “E-consumer”.
  • Communication package (including media programmes, social coeducational campaigns)
Date of realization closure: autumn 2012.


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