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23 listopada 2011
Main programs


Our educational activities aim at increasing education and teaching skills in the areas of sustainable development, conservation and sustainable use of resources.We train both local leaders as well as activists, officials and educators.
We also run an educational program for children and young people from Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Since 2013, our educational activities have been centered around EcoCenter Wroclaw.
We focus on the development of civic activity and emphasize the value of local and global involvement. We work on changing attitudes, pointing to individual opportunities for action and change.
We address issues related to over-consumption, sustainable use of resources, water and climate protection and interdependencies between different parts of the world. During activities in nature, we become acquainted with the knowledge of different animal and plant species, we show the interdependence between human activity and nature, and above all we encourage further self-observation of nature.
In addition to education and training programs, we carry out information and media activities.
Thanks to our work, since 1999, Green Gate is largest server for green NGOs in Poland.


Since 2013, we have been running EcoCenter Wroclaw, a unique ecological education center in the country situated in the heart of the city, where ecological problems arise. Through our actions we are deal with root causes, not only with the consequences.
The EkoCentrum building was constructed in 1926 and originally served as a local training facility and stable for horses. We renovated them using modern technologies. Heat pumps, LED lighting, photovoltaic systems, and green roofs are just some of them.
Anyone is welcome to attend educational classes, meetings, workshops and open events. We cooperate with schools, local NGOs, leaders, activists and simply with our neighbors.
From our educational activities more than 20,000 participants have benefited since 2013; children, youth, teachers and educators.


Since the beginning, trees have been very important to our organization. They give oxygen, filter the air, are home to many species of animals and make the environment in which we live in more beautiful.  We have run actions against the cutting of trees in Grabiszy艅ski Park and at Silesian Insurgents Square. In 2007, we launched in the Barycz Valley a tree planting campaign, which in 2009 saw the development of the "Road for Nature" program.  At first we focused on the roadside trees as the most endangered species, then extended the activities to the trees in the open landscape and in the cities.
For the past 7 years, we have planted more than 40.000 trees across Poland together with partner organizations, local governments, road administrations and local leaders. We have trained over 2000 officials and people dealing with the protection of trees. The conferences we organized were attended by more than 1000 people. We have published innovative publications on the Polish market, including: "Trees in the landscape. Practical manual", which we release free of charge to all interested. We also created a natural science film "Secret Life of Trees" in April 2016. that premiered on TVP2.
We also engage in the protection of trees in Wroclaw. Since 2014, we have been raising the issue of logging, we intervene, and since 2015, in cooperation with the City Council, we have set up the Social Dialogue Group on Green matters, in which we try to make sure that the trees in Wroclaw are conserved better. We also support local initiatives, including Planting trees in the Mammoth Park in Oporow and we are the initiators of the creation of a new park in Stab艂owice. We also act as a guidance center providing information on a variety of topics related to the protection of specific trees and avenues.
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In order to prevent the destruction of nature we conduct natural monitoring and promote good examples of nature-friendly undertakings. This activities focus on protecting the areas, habitats and species of the European Natura 2000 network. Since the floods of 1997 in the Odra river region, we have been supporting the protection of river valleys associated with the increasing role of nature-friendly flood protection measures.
Innovations in the region and the country are implemented by nature conservation programs and nature-cultural landscapes, such as: butterfly conservation programs (apollo and post mat), programs for active protection of meadows and protection of biodiversity related to agriculture and the protection of traditional breeds of animals and fruit trees.
We monitor nature conservation decisions including: decisions authorizing the removal of trees. We analyze whether they are in violation of applicable law and we intervene when this is the case. We issue reports and train officials so that the nature conservation law is respected and remains effective.
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Transfer of knowledge and experience on sustainable development of valuable natural areas serves our international programs. We specialize in the transfer of knowledge and experience related to rural development, ecotourism and local product markets, as well as environmental education and the initiation of cross-sectoral partnerships. Due to our location, we have been cooperating with partners from the Czech Republic and Germany for many years.
An important direction of our international cooperation is also Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. We have worked with partners from Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine and Armenia. Since 2008 we have implemented a number of projects with partners from Georgia, where we have supported the development of local leaders and small businesses in rural areas such as beekeeping, agritourism and tea production.
In our work we strive to support the potential of local organizations and leaders who continue to work directly with local communities.
We actively cooperate with other non-governmental organizations, self-governmental, regional and state administration units, higher education institutions and other participants in broadly defined pro-ecological activities.


As the first in Poland in 2001, we launched cyclic ecological fairs organized in the center of Wroclaw. When we started our work, the market for local and organic products was in its initial phases. Thanks to the Eco Farms organized at regular basis and simultaneous work supporting the development of local producers, the number of participants in such events increased and became diversified  allowing the citizens of Wroclaw the access to local products.
One of these products is eggs from Green Legged Partridge Hen. Today's success and nationwide fame of this breed and their eggs is our merit! In 2002 we started an innovative project that was to encourage organic farmers from the Barycz Valley to breed the then-forgotten, traditional hens. The Green Legged Partridge Hen, which was so popular for many decades in Polish yards, completely disappeared from the farm with the intensification of agriculture. Their requirements of  living in large spaces, in small herds and of having good quality, natural food are incompatible with modern farms. In fact, only small ecological farms can handle them. Thanks to our initiative as well as to all participants involved, today this beautiful chicken is known all over Poland.
An indispensable complement to the development of the local and eco-friendly products market is ongoing consumer education. We launched the Ekopaczka.pl project, which supports direct contact between the local producer and the consumer. We organize a number of meetings, discussions, workshops, films where we show how important it is to take care of having access to locally produced food by organic methods. We also support the development of ecotourism services and create infrastructure for cycling and nature tourism.
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