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23 listopada 2011
Our achievements

mala fotka

Projects which brought about concrete effects and left significant trace in social awareness are considered to be our biggest achievements.

Examples of such projects are presented below:
Activities for wide society:
  • Ecological server “The Green Gate – EDF has been running the server since 1999 which might be found at the following address www.eko.org.pl. The Green Gate has become the most dynamically developing eco server in the country. A couple of dozens of important eco organizations use its services on daily basis.
  • Radio broadcasts (i.e. Ptasie radio (Birds’ radio), Agro-eco), tv programmes (own productions- BETACAM films Water for Wroclaw, Odra temat rzeka (Oder- subject long as a river), cooperation in realizations of various projects: Green side up, Regional runner, Eco runner).
  • Eco magazine “Drop” has been published since 1995. It is addressed to all people who are active in the process of nature protection: local government members, teachers, local leaders.
  • Eco information office – run by FER since mid 90’s. The office makes available sources of information gathered by the Foundation. These concern widely understood aspects of environment protection, including the aspect of the EU  integration process, access to information, consumer rights. The information is available in the form of a library as well as internet stands. All information is free of charge.
Cooperating with local communities and other organizations:
  • Realization of the project called “Balanced regional development of rural areas in the basin of Odra river”. 6 Polish organizations within the framework of agricultural group took part in the project together with WWF Germany. The project started in the end of 2002 and its aim was to introduce and promote sample solutions, prepare ecologically precious areas of Nadodrze for such development that would allow to keep these values in the process of integration with the EU.
  • Realization of the programme called Eco-development of the Valley of Barycz in cooperation with local governments and non government organizations, started in 2002. Polish Society of Friends of Nature “pro Natura”. Within the framework of this project FER implements the programme of balanced tourism and other activities connected with economic elicitation of rural area women in the Valley of Barycz.
  • Program for preservation of the native Green-Legged Partridges. Biodiversity and balanced development of rural areas 2001-2003.
  • Activities in collaboration with Marshal Office of Lower Silesia province and local governments in the area of agricultural economy integration and environment protection: preparation to implement agri-environmental programmes, promotion of regional products.
  • Activities in the area of tourism elicitation of rural areas. Since 1995 construction and realization of biking routes “Sudety”, “Dolina Odry” (The Valley of Oder), “Dolina Baryczy” (The Valley of Barycz).
  • Foundation of an international coalition “Time for Odra” (active since 1997). The coalition includes 13 organizations from Poland, 8 from The Czech Republic and 5 from Germany.
  • Foundation and coordination of Dolnoslaskie Forum (Lower Silesia Forum) POE since 2002. Its aim is to strengthen the activities of Lower Silesia eco organizations, especially when concerning all matters important for the region. Lower Silesia POE members have been assigned to “Karta Smieciowa” (“The litter Card). The idea of this action is to create a programme which would allow to manage the problem of litter in the area of Low Silesia. The initiative was suggested by Lower Silesia Marshal Office and in 2003 after yet another negotiation and consultation it received the status of provincial programme of litter management.


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